Problem creating New Data Source in Pentaho CE 3.8 (Solved)

After installing Pentaho BI Server CE 3.8 and upgraded my java JDK to 1.7,  I wasn’t able to create or edit new data sources. I tried with several connections and very simple queries, I was able to see the results in the preview but when I clicked the “Finish” button I got always the same error. I tried with former versions of Pentaho but I was still getting the same error as can be seen in the following figures

Creating a new data source using the SampleData and a simple SQL query:

sample query

Fig.1 Creating a New Data Source

Data source preview:

result preview

Fig.2 Data Preview

Error message:

error message

Fig.3 Error Message

I just downgrade the JDK version to the 1.6 and that’s it, problem solved.

data source created

Fig.4 Data Source Created

Hope this help you guys.


About Paul Hernandez

I'm an Electronic Engineer and Computer Science professional, specialized in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Solutions. Also a father, swimmer and music lover.
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