Problem using the Navigation Menu Component – Pentaho 3.8 CDE Bundle 1.0 RC3

The CDE Bundle 1.0 RC3 comes with a Navigation Menu Component, which introduces a menu that allow you to browse the complete Pentaho solution repository (non-hidden folders).

navigation menu component

The Navigation Menu Component

I tried to use the component but it does not appear in the preview of the dashboard. After some googling I found the following post:

The problem is related to the component definition. To fix it, I opened the file NavigateMenuRender.xml (solution/system/pentaho-cdf-dd/resources/base/components/) and replaced ‘navigateMenu’ with ‘navigator’

the wrong one

The original file NavigateMenuRender.xml

the good one

The NavigateMenuRender.xml file edited

Now, you are able to use this component and navigate from one dashboard to another. It may looks like:

the navigation menu in action

The Navigation Menu in action


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