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Export data to Hadoop using Polybase – Insert into external table

Introduction This post is a continuation of Polybase Query Service and Hadoop – Welcome SQL Server 2016 One of the most interesting use cases of Polybase is the ability to store historical data from relational databases into a Hadoop File System. … Continue reading

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Deploy SSIS Packages across servers

Background Recently I had to deploy a set of SSIS packages stored in the msdb of a development server into a test server. I should mention that a SSIS package could be stored in the file system, in a package … Continue reading

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Store file names and modified dates in a table without a Foreach Loop Task – SQL Server – SSIS

Last week I received a request from the project manager. I had to improve the performance of an SSIS package that reads a collection of files from a source folder, and then stores their name, extension, location and modified date. … Continue reading

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Read and Write variables in a Script Component in SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) using C#

The Script Component is a SSIS Data flow component and it differs from the Script Task in a Control Flow. It has some limitations to read and write values from package or data flow task level variables. There is more than … Continue reading

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