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I'm an Electronic Engineer and Computer Science professional, specialized in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Solutions. Also a father, swimmer and music lover.

Alternative pipeline parametrization for Azure Synapse Analytics

Introduction Parametrization was always a key aspect in ETL development to be able to move scripts, packages, jobs or whatever artifact you use into another environment. With modern data processing tools this situation has not changed.  One of the first … Continue reading

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Running mlflow server using Docker, Azure Blob Service and Azure SQL Database

Introduction It is indisputable true that mlflow came to make life a lot easier not only for data scientists but also for data engineers, architects among others. There is a very helpful list of tutorials and example in the official … Continue reading

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Azure Digital Twins Management with Python

Introduction As mentioned in my previous post, Azure Digital Twins (ADT) Service is a new way to build next generation IoT solutions. In the first post I show you in a video how to manage ADT instances with the ADT … Continue reading

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Azure Digital Twins Management with Postman

In this video I will show how to manage Azure Digital Twins models and instances using Postman. How to use the ADT explorer is explained in my previous post: In order to make the postman collection work you need … Continue reading

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Azure Digital Twins and ADT Explorer – say hello!

Introduction Azure Digital Twins Service offers a way to build next generation IoT solutions. There are other approaches on the market to describe IoT devices and build digital twins. Without making a formal comparison I can say with the Azure … Continue reading

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Streaming Technologies Comparison

After several time I decided to share my notes about comparing different open source streaming technologies on LinkedIn Streaming Technologies Comparison

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Installing Apache Zeppelin 0.7.3 in HDP 2.5.3 with Spark and Spark2 Interpreters

Background As a recent client requirement I needed to propose a solution in order to add spark2 as interpreter to zeppelin in HDP (Hortonworks Data Platform) 2.5.3 The first hurdle is, HDP 2.5.3 comes with zeppelin 0.6.0 which does not … Continue reading

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Talend job to lookup geographic coordinates into a shape file

Introduction Recently for an open data integration project I had to select some tools in order to be able to process geospatial data. I had a couple of choices: I could use R and try to work out a solution … Continue reading

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Connect to Hive using Teradata Studio 16

Introduction Teradata Studio is the client used to perform database administration task on Aster and Teradata databases, as well as moving data from and to Hadoop. Recently I was asked to test a solution to integrate Hadoop with Teradata in … Continue reading

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Teradata Express 15.10 Installation using Oracle VirtualBox

Introduction For professional reasons I needed to start learning Teradata after some years of intensive Microsoft BI projects. To start breaking the ice and have a playground to test everything I want, I decided to download the newest Teradata Express … Continue reading

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