Azure Digital Twins Management with Postman

In this video I will show how to manage Azure Digital Twins models and instances using Postman. How to use the ADT explorer is explained in my previous post:

ADT Management using Postman

In order to make the postman collection work you need to configure an environment as follows:

Postman Environment required

tenantId = your tenant Id, it could be found in the registered app

accessToken = will be populated withing a script

adtInstanceURL = the hostname of your ADT instance

clientId = as in your registered app

clientSecret = the one you generated in the registered app (see video)

scope =

You can find all the DTDL models and the postman collection in this repository:

The Swagger file of the ADT Management API:


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3 Responses to Azure Digital Twins Management with Postman

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  2. Maithili Kotla says:

    Nice article. Have a question though, which REST operation corresponds to ADT Query API here?

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