Business Intelligence without excuses part 0 – Pentaho CE 5.0

It is well known that not only in companies from different business sectors but also privately, an enormous amount of data is collected every day, every hour, every minute…
The first question always arise is, what could be learned from these data.
There are a variety of technologies in the market to create applications that aim the development of the sequence:

Data -> Information -> Knowledge

I don´t want to discuss which one is better; I have experience with both open source and non-open source tools and I have nothing to complain about. I just want to present you in a series of posts the Pentaho Community Edition products and how to build a complete Business Intelligence application. I’ll try to cover the basics and some advanced tasks, but keep in mind that the tutorials will be intended from people with zero Knowledge of Pentaho. If you are an experienced Pentaho user you could find the tutorials not interesting.

First step is to download and install the Business Analytics Platform:
You can find it here: Pentaho Community

And remember, it is for free, and I’ll try to show you the basics, and at the end you will have NO EXCUSES to profit yourself from Business Intelligence.


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